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Ms. Williams has extensive experience reviewing and drafting contracts and looks beyond what's black and white in helping to identify the grey areas. 


The art of contract drafting typically starts with an agreement in principle between two parties regarding how they intend transact with one another per the specified terms of agreement. Ms. Williams will create a legally binding written agreement that is abridged, comprehensible, and keeps the best interests of her clients in mind. 

While form contracts can be purchased online, they are not tailored to specific legal needs and can result in more harm than good. 


When dealing with intellectual property rights, it is important to make sure that all intellectual property assets are sufficiently accounted for in all agreements.


Various agreements hold intellectual property as the focal point for the transaction. Parties should take care to ensure that their intellectual property rights are protected where they intend to retain said rights. Likewise, parties should make sure that compensation is adequate where they knowingly intend to part with intellectual property rights or ownership. 

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